Tradition Art

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” - Confucius

“One day, an unusual smile caught me on a photo of one of the Asian actors. That smile was so warm and kind, that I had an overwhelming desire to somehow be a part of it. My hand reached out for a pencil almost by itself.”

About 8 years ago I began drawing as part of a ‘fandom’ fan art group on the internet.

As time passed, the number of my artwork admirers grew. My drawings were enjoyed not only by members of the fandom world, but also by the general public. At a certain point my artwork crossed the online boundaries and became recognized by offline crowds as well. Many people suggested I should begin to exhibit my drawings. Over the past three years I have exhibited my work at various local and national exhibitions throughout Israel.

My drawings are portraits of contemporary, popular actors, musicians, singers, models as real and/or fictional images. My purpose is to reveal and convey the emotions of the person I draw. I look for reference material in order to capture the ‘moment’ of the emotion I want to draw. Now I also draw portraits of people around me: the family or friends.

I do portraits with a realistic technique. Most of my drawings are done by black (8B) pencil or colored pencils (watercolor pencils). I have done part of my drawings in white pencil on black paper – my desire was to draw light – not shadow.